The first salon in our group was opened by Julie in Arundel Street in Portsmouth and was called Julie Crue. There were only three members of staff, two stylists and one apprentice. The name Crue is a family name that was actually spelt Crew, but it was felt at the time that crues had a more creative feel.


The success of that first salon led to a move to larger premises within the Arundel Arcade, a new local shopping centre, also in Portsmouth. The new shop occupied two units and then expanded over time to four units including a dedicated mens salon, this salon was called Spencer Crue, with continued success a second Spencer Crue opened during the 1970s in the new and prestigious Basingstoke Shopping Centre which we now know today as 'Festival Place'.


In the 1990s the salon was re-named crues to reflect a more contemporary and timeless nature and to make our brand genderless and thereby increasing its appeal to Women and Men alike.


Further salons followed in Chineham and Reading.


Our proven record of commitment to giving our clientele fabulous confidence building hair has served us well and we have stood the test of time and now have a very loyal customer base.



confidence building hair